Snow and Ice Management Experts

We take responsibility for all kinds of winter maintenance, so you can focus entirely on your core business,
regardless of weather and season. At the same time, you are in full control of the operations and costs.
Thanks to a strong network of the country’s elite operators, we can offer solutions suited
for your business – we manage, analyze, monitor and initiate efforts
as needed when needed.

For more information on how to get started, contact us, or read more below.
Snow Command is ISO certified.

Property and process analysis100%
Strategy, action plan and monitoring100%
Immediate and preventive risk management100%
Vivid cost presentation, reporting and quality assurance at all levels100%

Why Snow Command?

Snow Command offers a modern and smart alternative for property management so you and all your employees get a safe and efficient workplace.

Snow Command works actively to provide new, intelligent and sustainable solutions for increased comfort and profitability. We coordinate our efforts with your business activites and our ultimate goal is for you to neither experience slippery conditions nor notice our presence. When winter is over we stand ready to manage your black and green areas.

Regardless of your business’s needs, we are always standing by to serve.

Our organization is designed from ground up to be able to respond quickly winter’s challenges. We have learned from long experience and added the efficiency of new technology to be able to offer top of the line service to all of our clients.

Through optimized routines and smart technology, you always have access to current assignment status. This gives you the opportunity to always make decisions based on current data even when conditions are unpredictable.

Our values affects everything we do and define our priorities. We safeguard our team where you as a client is the essential components. We work closely with our recipients to design a system ready for every situation whichm in turn, allows us to take full responsibility throughout the season.

We strive for continuous improvement – through efficient use of resources, new technology and collaboration with research groups. We keep strengthening our position with research and development work and international exchange of experience and skills with industry colleagues from around the world.

Secure your business today

Contact Snow Command to learn how we can serve your business.

We perform a thorough analysis of your business and needs and present a custom solution; you will get a clear action plan and cost prediction. We manage and quality assure the entire process so that you never have to worry about snow or ice again.

Take the first step – contact us using the form and a specialist will reach out to you shortly.

Additional services

After as well as during winter season, Snow Command provides hard facility maintenance services such as sweeping, oil remediation, excavation, asphalt, green surfaces – all with the same flexible working concepts as in winter road maintenance.

Please ask us more about how we can help you manage your property – all year round.

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