Snow Command’s Integrity Policy

Policy on privacy, marketing and processing of personal data

Version: 1.0
Last updated: 2018-05-18

This policy describes how Snow Command, (or “we”) collects, processes, publishes, stores and protects your personal data when you enter into an agreement with us. The Policy is updated continuously so make sure you have the latest version.


Snow Command’s processing of personal data includes which data is collected, how it is processed and by whom. This policy describes Your/the data subject’s rights.


To be able to offer ”the registered” our services and to fulfill our commitments, we need to process a certain level of personal data. The registered are our clients and contractors and/or their representatives.

The data is stored in order for:

  • Snow Command to fulfill its commitments towardsthe registered
  • identification and statistical purposes
  • communication of information and offerings tothe registered


Primarily, the data being processed is what the registered directly or indirectly provided when entering agreements, such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. By approving the Snow Command’s General Terms and Conditions the registered agrees to Snow Commands processing of personal data according to our Data Protection Policy.


As the registered approves Snow Command’s General Terms, Snow Command stores the provided data needed for the assignment. The data is saved and processed in a database for a maximum of three (3) years.


All personal data is processed in a legal, correct and open manner in relation to the registered. The snow turn aims to protect the data subject’s personal information through modern, technical and organizational measures and techniques. We safeguard the highest possible level of safety and security, among other things by protecting all data against unauthorized transmission and modification.

Snow Command does not disclose any personal data to third parties, except under special exceptions:

  • If clients request access to personal data of contractors in matters of, for example, assignments related to highly sensitive objects
  • If Snow Command is is obliged by law to provide information to official authorities.

The registered’s rights

The registered rights include:

  • Free of charge and at any time after written request to Snow Command, get information about the personal data stored, corresponding to the registered
  • Request Snow Command to correct, add or replace incorrect personal data
  • Request deletion of personal data, “to be unidentified”
  • Request limitation of personal data


Company name: Snow Command
Address: S. Larmgatan 4, SE-41116 Gothenburg, Sweden
Tel: 90110

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