Snow and Ice Management Specialists

We handle all forms of winter realty management so businesses can focus on their core activities, no matter the weather or hour. Thanks to a strong network of Sweden’s most skilled snow operators we are proud to offer solutions adapted for your business – we monitor Your facilities and engage appropriate measures when so needed.

Snow Command offers project managmegment, risk analysis, observation, snow and ice managment, roof clearance and much more. Each step of the process is quality assured by our operational staff and supported by smart technology. Our clients are provided full insight and immediate cost awareness.

We cover the major cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo as well as smaller towns across the country.
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Secure your business

Are you a realty manager, business or property owner?

  • Proactive strategy for engagements
  • Flexible capacity and service
  • Full control over ordered work


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Are you a contractor or machine owner?

  • Financial security
  • Get relieved of administration
  • Community and Support


Core Values

SnowCommand strives to be a conscious and engaged member of society, not only taking responsibility for its own processes but also its effects on people, the environment and society in general. We never stop exploring further possibilities to make our future more efficient, safe and sustainable.

Kontakta Snösvängen

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