About us

In the long term, SnowCommand strives to be a good and active member of society, not only taking responsibility for its own processes but also its effects on people, the environment and society in general. We never stop searching for possibilities to make our future more efficient, safe and sustainable.

Our Core Values ​​help us create a common approach and platform as a basis for our daily work.

Core Values

Everything we do is permeated by our professional, social and environmental responsibility. Read more about our strategic sustainability work below.

Peace of mind
Genom att låta alla vi arbetar med kunna fokusera på sin kärnverksamhet kan vi utvecklas snabbare tillsammans.

Entrepreneurial thinking is an important part of everything we do. It means openness, boldness, collaboration and flexibility. We deal with real problems which impact our surrounding.

Safety is a goal as well as a motto which we never deviate from and refers to everyone who is affected by our services. Everyone deserves a safe workplace.


Professional sustainability

Snow Command’s business objective is to evolve steadily and profitably over time while respecting our core values. We do this by offering competitive and value-added services based on continuous development. We create long-term partnerships through focus on results, while respecting laws and regulations and applying good business practice.

We stand for innovative solutions based on our clients’ demands for functionality, efficiency and safety.

Social sustainability

Snow Command’s goal for social responsibility is to be a responsible and respectful employer and to contribute to a positive social development within our regions. We respect equal value and rights, by offering all employees a good, safe, fair non-discriminatory work environment.

Environmental sustainability

The environmental goal of Snow Command is to protect the environment by actively trying to reduce the environmental impact of our own and our partners, through efficient resource utilization – at all levels and at all parties.

Through proactive, structured and certified work, we continuously evaluate our path towards our goal.

Management System

Snow Command’s business is permeated by one of the world’s leading certified management systems. The management system ensures the business management that the right thing is done at the right time and in the right way. It ensures high quality, minimized environmental impact, good working environment and continuous improvement.


Snow Command is certified according to the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Work Environment Management System

Our management system defines every step from how we receive telephone calls to the structure of an emergency response. It help us constantly improve and adjust our operations to meet market needs.

The ISO standard is used by companies globally and is rapidly gaining ground in Sweden in the public and private sector. To become certified according to the ISO standard, a clearly implemented management system is required. By collaborating with an ISO-certified company, you know that your business partners organisation is in order.

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